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Le savoir, c'est le pouvoir

Ce site web fournit des informations et des ressources concernant le CLÉ comme des outils d'autodétermination afin d'assister les communautés dans la prise de décisions. Nous avons sélectionné des articles, des boîtes à outils, des vidéos, des enregistrements vocaux, ainsi que des récits de communautés concernant le CLÉ et la consultation.


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Idle No More challenges to the integrity of the nation state and are not revolutionary. They call on the Government and people of Canada to share national wealth, to adhere to Canadian law, to negotiate new arrangements where existing treaties are insufficient, and to adjust national policy to better suit needs and aspirations.

Assembly of First Nations Stands with Standing Rock Sioux
Article scientifique

2016 - English - Modéré(e)

Assembly of First Nations Stands with Standing…

Assembly of First Nations

The Assembly of First Nations joins Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and Indigenous citizens from across North America in resisting human rights violations arising from Dakota Access LLC’s construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Dakota Access pipeline: US denies key permit, a win for Standing Rock protesters
Articles de journal

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe had a major win on December 4th, 2016 when the US Army Corps announced that it will not grant access to the Dakota Access Pipeline to drill under the Missouri river. The statement expressed that much negotiation still needs to be done with the tribe, and that the best way to finish the work is to explore alternative routes while undergoing an environmental impact statement.

Tsilqhot'in victory bolsters First Nations across country
Article scientifique

2014 - English - Modéré(e)

Tsilqhot'in victory bolsters First Nations acr…

David Windspeaker

Tsilhoqot’in people won a case that was brought to the Supreme Court of Canada over legal title to 1,700 square kilometres of traditional hunting and trapping territories. The ruling gives legal validity to the long-standing Aboriginal claims to territory beyond their reserves. While this ruling does require that governments justify economic projects on traditional lands, it does not give Aboriginal peoples veto power.

Executive Summary: Previous Consultation
Déclaration officielle

Perspective of the Ecuadorian government on the prior consultation of Ecuador's Southwest Round.

Mining, unions and the Orinoco Mining Arc, deadly combination for the indigenous people of El Caura
Articles de journal

Report on the relationship between violence, mining and indigenous peoples of the Caura river.

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