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Ce site web fournit des informations et des ressources concernant le CLÉ comme des outils d'autodétermination afin d'assister les communautés dans la prise de décisions. Nous avons sélectionné des articles, des boîtes à outils, des vidéos, des enregistrements vocaux, ainsi que des récits de communautés concernant le CLÉ et la consultation.


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Considering the Triple Bottom Line of Good Governance

2012 - English - Modéré(e)

Considering the Triple Bottom Line of Good Gov…

Ken Coates, Terry Mitchell

Good governance is a foundation of effective social development where Indigenous people contribute to re-development of the Fourth World. UNDRIP principles of participation and consent include Indigenous rights to participate in decision-making and consult using FPIC before adopting measures that affect them.

UNDRIP: Shifting from Global Aspiration to Local Realization

The core lesson in the creation of UNDRIP was simple: collective action by Indigenous peoples could force major changes in national and international law. The process of improving conditions for Indigenous peoples has now moved to a different level. The socio-economic and cultural problems of Indigenous have been described globally, really for the first time.

UNDRIP Changes Indigenous Peoples Articulation of Both Problems and Solutions

2013 - English - Modéré(e)

UNDRIP Changes Indigenous Peoples Articulation…

Ken Coates, Terry Mitchell

The UNDRIP was defined at the time of its passage as an "aspirational document." Those governments that resisted the declaration — Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand in 2007 and which signed on later in 2010 — worried that the creation of international law on Aboriginal rights would elevate Indigenous expectations.

Applying a UNDRIP Lens to the CBD: A More Comprehensive Understanding of Benefit-Sharing
Article scientifique

2014 - English - Technique

Applying a UNDRIP Lens to the CBD: A More Comp…

Federica Cittadino

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples (UNDRIP) is used as a tool to analyse the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). This analysis shows that on projects that implement State-to-community benefit sharing, CBD should consider the rights of Indigenous peoples stated under UNDRIP. UNDRIP only offers a partial response to the challenge of implementing Free, Prior, and Informed Consent practices.

Easter Hope: KAIROS Brief Easter Video for Sharing
Vidéo & fichier sonore

2017 - English - Simple

Easter Hope: KAIROS Brief Easter Video for Sha…

Kairos Canada

This short video gives a brief update from KAIROS about the status of UNDRIP 10 years later.

This Guidance Note is aimed at providing practical guidance to European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) specialists, consultants and clients on the processes and standards that should be applied and considered when planning and implementing projects that involve Indigenous Peoples. UNDRIP which requires States to consult with Indigenous Peoples to obtain their Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) prior to the approval of any project affecting their lands and resources, is discussed.

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