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Ce site web fournit des informations et des ressources concernant le CLÉ comme des outils d'autodétermination afin d'assister les communautés dans la prise de décisions. Nous avons sélectionné des articles, des boîtes à outils, des vidéos, des enregistrements vocaux, ainsi que des récits de communautés concernant le CLÉ et la consultation.


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Adapting Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) to Local Contexts in REDD++: Lessons from Three Experiments in Vietnam
Article scientifique

2015 - English - Modéré(e)

Adapting Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FP…

Dung Ngoc Le, Guillaume Lestrelin, Hien Thi Vu et al.

This paper examines how FPIC has been applied in three projects in Vietnam and highlights two key lessons: 1) FPIC is likely to be more accepted by the government if it is built upon the national legal framework on citizen rights. 2) FPIC activities should be seen as a learning process and designed based on local needs and preferences.

First Nation Consultation Framework

The purpose of this project is to compile information on consultation frameworks that could be used by First Nations in Canada. It provides legal information in regards to Indigenous rights and governance.

Information from States on Addressing the Recommendations of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

2013 - English - Technique

Information from States on Addressing the Reco…

United Nations

This report from the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, documents the progress of Member States towards the implementations of their recommendations regarding the status of Indigenous people. The policies and legal frameworks of many countries worldwide are examined, to determine the extent to which they have implemented UNDRIP and have introduced rights and protections for Indigenous peoples.

Basic steps for the consultation process and free, prior and informed consent in the Yucatan Peninsula

2015 - Español - Modéré(e)

Basic steps for the consultation process and f…

Juan Carlos Carrillo

Document developed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (UICN) and the Mexican Centre for Environmental Law (CEMDA). In it, the human rights involved in the Free, Prior and Informed Consent are discussed, along with the legal framework for FPIC and the fundamental factors involved in it. It also describes the stages and elements for conducting the FPIC process.

La Déclaration des Nations unies pour les droits des peuples autochtones (DNUDPA) est le résultat de plus de deux décennies de dialogue et de négociations avec et par les peuples autochtones. La DNUDPA est un cadre que les peuples autochtones et les États-nations peuvent utiliser afin de reconstruire leurs relations.