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UNDRIP: Shifting from Global Aspiration to Local Realization

Ken Coates, Terry Mitchell

UNDRIP: Shifting from Global Aspiration to Local Realization
Property Information
Resource Type Essay
  • English
Year 2013
Country Canada
  • Indigenous Governance
  • Rights and Legal Framework
Complexity Practical
  • Community Engagement
  • Consultation
  • Decision Making
  • Land Access
  • Land Use Planning
  • Self-Determination
Written By Academic Researchers
Written For
  • Academic Institutions or Researchers
  • Indigenous Allies
  • Indigenous Communities
  • Leadership and Management
Description The core lesson in the creation of UNDRIP was simple: collective action by Indigenous peoples could force major changes in national and international law. The process of improving conditions for Indigenous peoples has now moved to a different level. The socio-economic and cultural problems of Indigenous have been described globally, really for the first time.
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