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Public forum on Internationalization of Indigenous Rights

Balsille School of International Affairs, Luis Vittor, Mercredi Ovide, Rodolfo Stavenhagen, Roger Maaka, Sven-Roald Nystø, Wilton Littlechild

Public forum on Internationalization of Indigenous Rights
Property Information
Resource Type Video & Podcast
  • English
Year 2014
Country Canada
  • FPIC
  • Indigenous Governance
  • Industry
Complexity Simple
  • Consultation
  • International Law
  • Traditional Knowledge
Written By Indigenous Organization
Written For
  • Indigenous Communities
  • Leadership and Management
Description The public forum portion of the Rise of the Fourth World conference in 2014 showcases the former national chief AFN, Ovide Mercredi; Special Rapporteur, Rodolfo Stavenhagen; Peruvian economist and advisor to Andean Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations, Luis Vittor; former president of Sami Parliament in Norway, Sven-Roald Nysto; Professor of Research and Maori and Indigenous Studies, Roger Maaka; and Commissioner Wilton Littlechild.
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