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Indigenous Allyship: An Overview

Cassandra Puckett, Jackson Smith, Wendy Simon

Indigenous Allyship: An Overview
Property Information
Resource Type Essay
  • English
Year 2016
Country Canada
  • Indigenous Allyship
Complexity Simple
  • Community Engagement
  • Consultation
  • Self-Determination
  • Traditional Knowledge
Written By Indigenous Organization
Written For
  • Indigenous Allies
  • Leadership and Management
Description This document is a resource for non-Indigenous people seeking to become allies to aboriginal people. To help allies understand the struggle for decolonization and nationhood and what effective allyship to Aboriginal peoples means. It provides with a condensed summation of what academic and popular literature has to say about being an ally, including positive practices (what aspiring allies can do) and negative practices (approaches that are discouraged), and will conclude with a list of resources for further learning.
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