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How to Implement free, prior informed FPIC

Jerome Lewis

How to Implement free, prior informed FPIC
Property Information
Resource Type Scientific Paper
  • English
Year 2012
Country United Kingdom
  • Consultation
  • FPIC
  • Indigenous Governance
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Rights and Legal Framework
Complexity Moderate
  • Consultation
  • Land Use Planning
  • Self-Determination
Written By Academic Researchers
Written For
  • Academic Institutions or Researchers
  • Indigenous Allies
  • Indigenous Communities
  • Leadership and Management
Description Negotiating FPIC is a process, consisting of informing affected persons about planned activities and their impacts and verifying that the information provided has been understood, before explicit consent can be negotiated. If people refuse, their decision must be respected. FPIC focuses on harmonising relationships between groups of different power and means.
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