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Forcing New Directions in Government Policy

Ken Coates, Terry Mitchell

Forcing New Directions in Government Policy
Property Information
Resource Type Essay
  • English
Year 2013
Country Canada
  • Rights and Legal Framework
Complexity Practical
  • Community Engagement
  • International Law
  • Monitoring
  • Pimatsiwin
  • Self-Determination
  • Social & Cultural Impacts
  • Traditional Knowledge
Written By Academic Researchers
Written For
  • Academic Institutions or Researchers
  • Indigenous Allies
  • Indigenous Communities
  • Leadership and Management
Description Idle No More challenges to the integrity of the nation state and are not revolutionary. They call on the Government and people of Canada to share national wealth, to adhere to Canadian law, to negotiate new arrangements where existing treaties are insufficient, and to adjust national policy to better suit needs and aspirations.
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