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This website provides information and resources on FPIC as a tool of self-determination to assist communities in decision making. We have selected articles, tool kits, videos, voice messages, and community stories about FPIC and consultation.


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This paper discusses various contemporary issues surrounding human rights, Indigenous peoples and their relationship with the extractive industries, focusing on the Brazilian context.

Agency Vulnerability, Participation, and the Self-Determination of Indigenous Peoples
Scientific Paper

2013 - English - Moderate

Agency Vulnerability, Participation, and the...

Stacy Kosko

This paper draws a distinction between the process and the substantive aspects of self-determination, and identifies participation as a key component of the process aspect, defending its importance in decision-making in any residual areas of shared rule between indigenous and non-indigenous groups or entities.

Civil Society Participation in International Decision Making: Recent Developments and Future Perspectives in the Indigenous Rights Arena
Scientific Paper

2012 - English - Moderate

Civil Society Participation in International...

Enzamaría Tramontana

This article looks that the fact that while a number of positive steps have been taken to allow indigenous peoples the possibility to take part in relevant intergovernmental decision-making processes, there’s a need to provide their own self-governing institutions and organisations with a more influential status than that granted to civil society organizations.

An Analysis of Factors Leading to the Establishment of a Social Licence to Operate in the Mining Industry
Scientific Paper

In an effort to identify key determinants of SLO outcomes in the mining industry, this paper presents a comparative case study analysis of four international mining operations: Red Dog Mine in Alaska, USA; Minto Mine in Yukon, Canada; the proposed Tambogrande Mine in Peru; and the Ok Tedi Mine in Papua New Guinea.

Determining our Future Asserting our Rights: Indigenous Peoples and Mining in West Suriname

This report present the outcomes of a project conducted by the Association of Indigenous Village Leaders in Suriname and The North-South Institute that was requested by Indigenous communities in West Suriname that will be affected by a large-scale mining and hydroelectric development project. At the time that the project started, the communities had not yet been informed about the development activities.

Environmental Impact Assessment: Retrospect and Prospect
Scientific Paper

2007 - English - Advanced

Environmental Impact Assessment: Retrospect ...

Christopher Wood, Jay Stephen, Jones Carys et al.

This article shows evidence that suggests that environmental impact assessments (EIA) are not achieving their purpose of influencing decision-making. The author argues EIA have an important place in decision-making due to their rational structure. EIA should be used for political purposes so it can regain a purpose in localized decision-making and development planning.

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