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This website provides information and resources on FPIC as a tool of self-determination to assist communities in decision making. We have selected articles, tool kits, videos, voice messages, and community stories about FPIC and consultation.


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Indigenous and Tribal Peoples' Rights in Practice: A guide to ILO convention 169

2009 - English - Moderate

Indigenous and Tribal Peoples' Rights in Pra...

International Labor Organization

Following the International Labour Organizations (ILO) adoption of the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples’ Convention and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the rights of indigenous peoples’ must begin to be implemented at the country-level to ensure they are effective. The main purpose of this Guide is to provide governments, indigenous and tribal peoples and workers’ and employers’ organizations with a practical tool for the implementation of indigenous peoples' rights.

First Nation Consultation Framework

The purpose of this project is to compile information on consultation frameworks that could be used by First Nations in Canada. It provides legal information in regards to Indigenous rights and governance.

Resource Kit on Indigenous Peoples' Issues

2008 - English - Simple

Resource Kit on Indigenous Peoples' Issues

United Nations

This Kit focuses on development and indigenous peoples, with emphasis on their full and effective participation in all development processes and the need for a genuine partnership in—and ownership with them—of these processes.

Summary Notes on the 33rd Session of the Human Rights Council: Focus on the discussions related to the rights of indigenous peoples
Brief Summary

2016 - English - Moderate

Summary Notes on the 33rd Session of the Hum...


This summary report highlights important notes from the UN meetings on indigenous rights. This particular meeting focuses on violence against indigenous women and girls with a focus on indigenous women with disabilities. It briefly references FPIC in relation to healthcare as well.

The Sustainable Development Goals: New Challenge for Indigenous Peoples' Rights

This update underlines three outstanding issues to date regarding Indigenous Peoples’ rights : the climate change negotiations related to the upcoming COP22, the increasing need for the voices of Indigenous persons with disabilities to be heard, and the increasing number of discussions concerning Business and Human Rights issues.

Justified Infringement - A Minimal Impairment Approach
Scientific Paper

2013 - English - Technical

Justified Infringement - A Minimal Impairmen...

Luk Senwung

Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) is an Indigenous right that has been infringed upon by the Canadian legal system. A notable case is presented where the Supreme Court of Canada’s Sparrow decision laid out a case law in which Aboriginal title was overstepped. To honour obligations to Indigenous peoples, the Crown should adopt the standard of a minimal impairment of Aboriginal title.

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