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This website provides information and resources on FPIC as a tool of self-determination to assist communities in decision making. We have selected articles, tool kits, videos, voice messages, and community stories about FPIC and consultation.


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This update introduces new information regarding the cooperation between the European Union and Indigenous Peoples in the context of the existence of new EU instruments for development and human rights. It also provides a platform for indigenous voices regarding some crucial areas of concern, namely the situation of indigenous women around the world, the challenges and opportunities faced by indigenous youth, and an update on the recent Conference of Parties (COP9) of the Convention on Biological Diversity that took place in Bonn during the month of May 2008.

Impact Benefit Agreements A Tool for Healthy Inuit Communities?

This report by the National Aboriginal Health Organization presents the definition and purpose of Impact Benefit Agreements (IBAs), the process of using IBAs, what things are included in IBAs and Inuit observations on IBAs.

Consultation protocol for indigenous communities in Argentina.

Latin American Agenda 2012 - Good Living

2012 - Multilingual - Simple

Latin American Agenda 2012 - Good Living

José María Vigil, Pedro Casaldáliga

This Latin American agenda is a pedagogical resource for communities to be informed, following a 3 step process (See, Think, Act). In this 2012 issue, they speak about "Good living", building from Indigenous knowledge about the best practices to be followed, learning from ancestral wisdom.

Beyond Growth and Development: Buen Vivir as an Alternative to Current Paradigms
Scientific Paper

2013 - English - Moderate

Beyond Growth and Development: Buen Vivir as...

Massimo Pallotino, Salvatore Monni

The aim of this paper is to investigate to what extent buen vivir ("good life"), Latin America’s new concept for collective well being, can be considered a way forward beyond current paradigms related to economic growth, development, ideology and state building.

Conflicting Paths to Wellbeing: Raramuri and Mestizo Inter-Ethnic Relations in Northern Mexico

2013 - English - Moderate

Conflicting Paths to Wellbeing: Raramuri and...

Juan Gonzalez

The dissertation focuses on the case of the Raramuri indigenous people of Northern Mexico, and uses detailed ethnographic evidence to explore how discourses of wellbeing are constructed by the Raramuri people in their daily interactions with the non-indigenous population and how power asymmetries between these groups form and persist.

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