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Indigenous Peoples have the Right to Decide

Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) is the inherent right Indigenous communities have to decide “yes” or “no” to mining, forestry, oil, gas, water, or other proposed external activities that would affect their lands, territories, and/or natural resources.

Knowledge is Power

Learning about international and national standards helps communities to defend their lands.



FPIC in Canada: Towards a New Relationship with Indigenous Peoples

2016 - English - Academic

FPIC in Canada: Towards a New Relationship wit…

Torys LLP

A review of all legal implications of FPIC including Canadian, international, etc. What the current state of aboriginal affairs is in Canada and how we can implement FPIC moving forward.

FPIC Flashcards

2015 - English - Simple

FPIC Flashcards

Oxfam Australia

This short series of flashcards outlines the key steps indigenous communities can take to exercise their right to free, prior and informed consent.

Guidelines for applying for Free, Prior and Informed Consent

2013 - Multilingual - Practical

Guidelines for applying for Free, Prior and In…

Conservation International, Adrienne McKeehan, Theresa Buppert

This guide was developed by Conservation International (CI), in order to provide clear guidelines for implementing Free, Prior and Informed Consent effectively. It clearly defines acronyms, key words, background information, benefits of following FPIC, and a description for adopting the process in each step of the process.