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Ce site web fournit des informations et des ressources concernant le CLÉ comme des outils d'autodétermination afin d'assister les communautés dans la prise de décisions. Nous avons sélectionné des articles, des boîtes à outils, des vidéos, des enregistrements vocaux, ainsi que des récits de communautés concernant le CLÉ et la consultation.


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Towards consent: Case Studies and Perspectives on Collaboration Agreements between Companies and Communities in Forest Landscapes

2014 - Español - Modéré(e)

Towards consent: Case Studies and Perspectives…

Hite Kristen

This publication seeks to offer insights on the process and substance for developing collaborative agreements between industry, government, and indigenous peoples regarding forest landscapes. Following an overview of the legal and political context including FPIC, a series of case studies offers examples of companies and communities engaging on matters involving forest land use amid varying national tenure regimes

Free, Prior and Informed Consent: Making FPIC work for forests and peoples

2010 - Plurilingue - Modéré(e)

Free, Prior and Informed Consent: Making FPIC …

Colchester Marcus

This scoping review provides comprehensive information regarding Indigenous Peoples’ right to Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC), as it is currently represented in academic literature and community practice. The review highlights the legal foundations, practical implications, and outcomes of FPIC, attending to the conflicts and challenges that emerge between the different viewpoints of various stakeholders.

This document is a technical guide about Free Prior and Informed Consent. Best practices are listed for government organizations to respect FPIC, and for the NGO's, Indigenous groups and private investors can all follow their responsibilities within the FPIC model. Report created by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

This report showcases a Participatory Action Research project that lasted 26 months. It reports on Corporate Social Responsibility tools that companies and governments promote to ensure good corporate behaviour. The report looks at the extent to which CSRs respect human and ethnic rights in theory and practice. Recommendations are given for ways to strengthen current approaches and frameworks. Issues are presented through a variety of perspectives.

Frameworks for the Implementation of FPIC Over Land and Knowledge in Sarawak, Malaysia
Article scientifique

0 - English - Modéré(e)

Frameworks for the Implementation of FPIC Over…

Rubis Jennifer

Ce document examine le CLIP en Malaisie à travers des études de cas spécifiques.

"Veto" and "Consent" - Significant Differences

2015 - English - Technique

"Veto" and "Consent" - Significant Differences

Joffe Paul

Ce document offre quelques analyses sur les principes de veto et du consentement, ainsi que met en lumière quelques différences majeures. Ces questions sont abordées dans le contexte de développements tiers à l'intérieur, ou près des terres et territoires des communautés autochtones.

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