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This website provides information and resources on FPIC as a tool of self-determination to assist communities in decision making. We have selected articles, tool kits, videos, voice messages, and community stories about FPIC and consultation.


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This report showcases a Participatory Action Research project that lasted 26 months. It reports on Corporate Social Responsibility tools that companies and governments promote to ensure good corporate behaviour. The report looks at the extent to which CSRs respect human and ethnic rights in theory and practice. Recommendations are given for ways to strengthen current approaches and frameworks. Issues are presented through a variety of perspectives.

Gang Lords Rule the Orinoco Mining Arc
News Article

2016 - English - Moderate

Gang Lords Rule the Orinoco Mining Arc

Lopez Edgar

This article studies the link between illegal mining, violence and the lack of consult to indigenous peoples in the Orinoco Mining Arc.

United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Provisions Relevant to Consent
Policy Brief

2013 - English - Advanced

United Nations Declaration of the Rights of ...

Joffe Paul

This document provides an overview of all the sections of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), that discuss consent and FPIC. The legal requirements of UNDRIP are examined, in order to ensure that it is being fully and appropriately applied by national governments, in accordance with the desires of Indigenous communities.

Indigenous Women Changemakers: Dalee Sambo Dorough

2016 - English - Simple

Indigenous Women Changemakers: Dalee Sambo D...

Cojti Avexnim, Dorough Dalee Sambo

Dr. Dalee Sambo Dorough (Innuit, Alaska, USA) discusses her early engagement in the politics of Indigenous Peoples land rights, and shares her insight into why the defense of land merits extra international legal attention. She urges leaders to have optimism, and take “the long view” approach to making progress in the protection of Indigenous rights.

Guide to Free Prior and Informed Consent

2010 - Multilingual - Moderate

Guide to Free Prior and Informed Consent

Oxfam Australia, Hill Christina, Lillywhite Serena et al.

This guide is an introduction to Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC). It provides basic information about the right to FPIC and how this right can help people to have a say about development projects, such as dams, mines and, logging and other large infrastructure projects, which affect them in some way.

FPIC: The Right to Decide
Brief Summary

These short website and booklet are designed to be a first approach of what FPIC is. It was developed by the IRRG group, with input from Indigenous Peoples in Canada, and the support of two international designers. The website can be visited on mobile devices and the booklet can be freely printed and distributed.

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